Private School Insurance

At Beacon Insurance Agency, we specialize in providing private school insurance coverage plans. We offer policies using top-rated insurance carriers from across the nation. We are proud to dedicate ourselves to our work with churches, nonprofit organizations and private schools. In our focused efforts to protecting these clients, we are better able to meet their unique needs. For the past 18 years, we have offered insurance plans for clients throughout Northwest Florida. Further, we successfully help them fulfill their own missions in serving the needs of the communities around them and impacting the world. We consider it part of our mission to offer private school insurance to the educational institutions. We support your task of guiding the leaders and world-changers of tomorrow.

private school insurance

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Private School Insurance Essentials

Some might question the need for insurance policies specifically geared toward private schools. However, the benefits of these coverage plans are invaluable. Unfortunately, unforeseen risks are a part of running educational institutions.  Therefore, planning ahead to cover those liabilities is essential. We ensure that your school is able to protect your assets and have the finances to provide defense in the event of a claim.


Depending on the school’s particular needs, private school insurance plans are specially tailored to offer policies including:

The School of Risks

At Beacon Insurance, we pride ourselves on our excellence in customer service. Even more importantly, we value the bonds we build with our clients. We understand the value of maintaining a close relationship and providing follow-up care to our clients.  Additionally, we ensure we meet and protect the changing needs of our clients. Ultimately, we realize private schools are a unique entity and therefore need to be treated as such.

There are many risks and hazards involved in the dynamic extending between the organization and parents. Founded or unfounded, they potentially pose a threat to the financial and reputational stability of the school. In fact, there are many moving parts in successfully maintaining schools that pose a risk. From the simplest misunderstandings to the most complicated security breaches and dangerous accidents, you need coverage. For all of these, we know that our clients must be given the proper guidance in selecting policies and designing a plan. We specifically tailor plans to their very specific needs.


We offer coverage through GuideOne Insurance and other nationally top-rated carriers who specialize in handling the needs of private schools, churches and nonprofits. We believe in providing nothing but the best. These carriers have proven reputations for the strength of their policies. In our relationships with them, we align ourselves with allies of the highest caliber. That standard of excellence extends to our clients.

Following the core mission put in place by our founder Terry Fortune, we believe that we as a company “Light the Way to Peace of Mind.” In our service to our clients and our communities, we are dedicated to bringing that mission statement to life in all that we do. We’re passionate and feel that this is not just a business- it’s a Christ-given calling on our lives.

As you educate and guide future generations, let us serve your insurance needs. Call Beacon Insurance Agency of Pace, Inc., to schedule a consultation and learn more about the private school insurance policies we offer today!

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