Church Insurance

Church Insurance

Beacon Insurance Agency of Pace, Inc. began in 2009 dedicated to meeting the insurance needs of churches and other religious organizations including private schools and nonprofits. Unlike many other insurance agencies, we do not write policies for homes, personal automobiles, or any other type of business. We know that each client is very different in their needs and consider those needs individually when we provide them with options in church insurance policies and packages.

At Beacon, we represent many different top-rated national carriers that have specialty church insurance programs. For example, GuideOne Insurance is one of the largest carriers nationwide for church insurance coverage. In working with such dedicated carriers, we are able to offer package policies that cover the many unique risks specific to the operations of churches and other religious organizations including private schools and nonprofits. We feel blessed to have enjoyed a growth rate greater than our industry competitors. And it is all because of the level of care that we provide our clients.

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Package Policy

Beacon works closely with GuideOne Insurance to offer Package Policies to cover the multi-risk needs of churches. Included in our Package Policies is coverage for:

  • Property – All buildings and their contents
  • General Liability – Liabilities associated with Pastor’s Professional, Medical Payments, and Legal
  • Crime – Capital & Securities, Employee Dishonesty, Forgery & Alteration, Fidelity Bond
  • Sexual Misconduct – Limit amounts vary, depending on client needs
  • Directors & Officers Liability – Standard limits are up to $1,000,000
  • Hired & Non-Owned Automobile – Limits follow General Liability Occurrence Limits. If your organization does not own automobiles, then we will offer coverage options under package policies.
  • Employment Practices Liability – Limits vary and we tailor them to client needs.

Typical comprehensive church insurance policies are called “commercial package policies.” They combine both property and general liability coverage. Such policies serve as the basis of the organization’s insurance program. High-quality package policies should also provide the flexibility of selecting various options that will customize a church insurance program specific to your church and its unique needs.

Property Coverage

While most policies offer a variety of coverage levels, basic policies provide financial protection against loss or damage to your church’s property. Furthermore, basic policies protect buildings and contents found therein that may be caused by a variety of events.  Such events include fire, explosion, windstorm, hail, smoke, vandalism, and other perils named within the limits of the policy details. By contrast, the most comprehensive protection provides coverage for all losses unless specifically excluded by the details of the policy. Also, extra property coverage is included for the failure of equipment such as computers, boilers, electrical equipment, newly acquired property, personal property, off-premises property, personal property held by the pastor(s), stained glass windows, and other items that fall within the ownership of the church.

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General Liability Coverage

As part of a package policy, general liability covers the church’s legal liability or responsibilities that are the result of injuries to people or damage to their property consequential to civil wrongdoing. General liability coverage is usually included for the protection of volunteer workers and donated labor, spiritual counseling, worldwide coverage, and sexual misconduct. Though general liability itself does provide a level of protection that is critical to the function of the church or organization, certain policy limits exist. Only certain types of losses are covered and should be considered as we help you chose and write your policies.

At Beacon Insurance Agency, we dedicate ourselves to a very specific mission of working with churches and other religious organizations who serve the community. In providing them with the protection they need to perform at their best, we are fulfilling a purpose that blesses us even as our clients bless others.

As you serve others, let us serve your insurance needs. Call Beacon Insurance Agency of Pace, Inc., to schedule a consultation with our agents today!

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