Our Calling is to Serve Those Who Serve Us

At Beacon One Insurance Agency we consider our work to be a true calling and a way to serve and protect the individuals and the organizations that serve our communities. Ours is a personal vocation, because we live in the communities we serve and see first-hand how our churches, nonprofit organizations and private Christian schools reach out and benefit the world around them. Especially in working with churches and offering customized church insurance programs, we are providing the protection and peace of mind that ministries will have the safeguards they so greatly need.

For many years we have been the only church insurance provider from Pensacola to Jacksonville. We take personal care of our clients, develop real and lasting relationships with them and are available anytime for questions so that they can rest assured that they are always in the very best of hands.

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Strong Partners For Your Church

We work with such top nationwide carriers as GuideOne Insurance and work directly with each church individually to assess their particular needs and find the right church insurance programs and insurance plans. From the very first stages, we conduct initial risk surveys and make final policy endorsements. Additionally, we work step-by-step and hand-in-hand with our clients. We ensure they are covered for any eventuality. For us, these are points of excellence that set us apart in our industry. But most of all, what sets us apart and makes us different is the very thing that drives us: The calling to serve those who serve us.

Our underlying mission statement at Beacon is to light the way to peace of mind. We know the important role that plays in freeing our clients to fulfill their own mission as ministries. Unfortunately, each and every day they are vulnerable to risks that should, in truth, be something they never need to consider. However, it is important to face reality. And so they need to be properly covered with church insurance programs in the event that they find themselves in the midst of financial or legal liabilities that endanger their work.

Beacon Church Insurance Programs

Since we opened in 2009, Beacon has risen to the top of the industry. We are a trusted agency offering church insurance, and we take great pride and honor in holding that position. In our sole dedication to being a church insurance agency, our singular focus has kept our standards of service high. In fact, this has better positioned us to align ourselves with top carriers such as GuideOne Insurance. GuideOne provides excellent coverage options designed to meet the unique needs of churches. As one of the nation’s leading church insurance program providers, GuideOne has nearly 50,000 customers. They offer packages including Property, General Liability, Crime, Sexual Misconduct, Directors & Officers Liability, Hired & Non-Owned Automobile and Employment Practices Liability.

Everything we do at Beacon Insurance Agency of Pace, Inc. drives us to help our clients. We pride ourselves in knowing our community and the organizations that serve them. Most importantly, we love knowing the work we do with our clients reaches into the community as those churches, in turn, minister to them.

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