Understanding Church Property Insurance Coverage

At Beacon Insurance, our goal is to be your partner to minimize risks to your property, congregation, and leadership. That is why we aim to help clients understand their church property insurance. Church property insurance is complex, and the needs of all churches continue to change as they grow. Today, we will help to shed…

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Do You Collect Personal Information?

collecting personal info

Churches of all sizes look for best practices in how to protect personal information online. Today, a congregation can engage with the church community in many ways. Because of that, the sign up for such participation often comes digitally. Online signup forms for volunteer opportunities, church camps, classes or ways of giving to the church…

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Four Key Risks Of 15-Passenger Vans

Insurance cost for 15-passenger vans

Churches, nonprofit organizations and private schools are becoming increasingly mindful of the insurance cost for 15-passenger vans. Vans of this size are attractive because of size and efficiency. The ability to carry large groups of youth, sports teams, campers and the like, while promoting fellowship is a real advantage. However, while these vans hold that attraction, they also hold…

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The Facts About Flood Insurance Claims


In Florida and along the Gulf Coast, we live in an area that is constantly at the mercy of weather – much of which involves damaging waters caused by torrential rainstorms throughout the year and hurricane season. Flooding is a genuine threat to both residential and commercial properties, so the need for coverage is even greater than…

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The Importance of Cyber Risk Management

cyber risk management

As more and more companies and organizations outsource the hosting and storage of their virtual information and use virtual systems for driving business, the ways that their assets are significantly compromised and threatened also increases. For that reason, cyber risk management becomes even more vital to securing them, as managing this risk utilizes organizational strategies…

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The High Danger of Winter Water Leaks

water leak detection

Even in states with warmer weather, wintertime puts everyone at risk for frozen pipes. More than just an annoyance, they’re actually a hazard and often cause major damage, in the event that frozen water pipes break and cause leaks. It’s important, then, to know how to detect a water leak. It’s also a great idea…

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What Is a Phishing Scam?

voice phishing

Anyone with a phone – no matter whether it’s a cell phone or a landline – is familiar with the annoying calls that come in on a regular basis from parties claiming that they are banks, lenders and credit card companies informing you of alarming activity on your account. And according to the voice on…

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Insurance for Hurricane Preparedness

wind coverage

Is Your Church’s Policy Hurricane-Ready? Hurricane season can be a highly stressful time for Floridians as they wait and watch the unpredictable swirls of pressure systems that seem to appear every week during the thick of the season. Ours are highly active waters, giving rise to storms whose paths of destruction are merciless and leave…

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Powerful Tools to Prevent Bullying


Powerful Tools to Prevent Bullying Bullying is a daily issue students face in schools all over the world. Unfortunately, it occurs even in private Christian schools. Each and every day, victims suffer from harassment, verbal taunts, threats, intimidation and even instances of coercion or theft. With the use of mobile devices and online social media…

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