Sex Abuse

Creating a Sexual Assault Investigation Checklist

sexual assault

Unfortunately, sexual assault is something that happens countless times a day, sometimes in the most unexpected of environments. And while churches, non-profit organizations and Christian schools should ideally be a safe haven from the dangers of sexual assault, it does occur and therefore needs serious attention from those in authority. To be prepared in the…

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Dealing with Sexual Abuse Part III: Sexual Misconduct


Preventing Sexual Misconduct from Devastating Your Church Churches are instituted to be places of hope, strength and sanctuary. But the ways of the world can find their way in, and sexual misconduct is something that the church is at risk for – especially when it comes to children. Incidences of sexual misconduct can be devastating…

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Dealing with Sexual Abuse Part I: Sex Offenders


Dealing with Sex Offenders in Your Church Sexual abuse is a serious issue that can have devastating effects on the lives of its victims, and convicted sex offenders who have been released from prison can still prove to be a threat to society. For that reason, when you learn that you have a sex offender…

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