Understanding General Liability Insurance Coverage

general liability

No matter how small or large a congregation is, church liabilities continue to rise. Churches of all shapes and sizes are becoming increasingly vulnerable to violent crimes, lawsuits, and other tolls taken from exposed or unknown risks. While church liability insurance is by design meant to protect against these, understanding the complexities of such policies…

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Sexual Misconduct: How to Prevent Sexual Abuse

At Beacon Insurance Agency, one of our highest values to our clients is our expertise. With sexual misconduct, the knowledge and resources we bring to churches, non-profits and private schools keeps them protected and highly informed. With that, we are called by a recent rise nationally in these claims to help our community with sexual…

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What Is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

umbrella insurance

Insurance is one of the most important things a business can have, as there are so many types of damage that have the potential of bringing about financial ruin on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, the same holds true even for churches, Christian schools and non-profit organizations; but over and above standard policies that protect the…

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Can Ministers Save on Car Insurance?


Due to the nature of their work, ministers often fall into a category of their own in terms of professional expenses and business practices. They often live in homes funded by their congregation or parish, drive cars provided by their ministry and incur certain types of expenses that other professions would not. With such considerations, it’s important…

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Risks of 15 Passenger Vans


Coverage for the Risks of Driving 15 Passenger Vans 15-passenger vans are often the vehicle of choice for organizations including private schools, churches and nonprofits. Unfortunately, there are an overwhelming number of studies showing the dangers of these sizeable vehicles. As a result, laws concerning the use of the vans have been tightened, and it…

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Liability Coverage for Education


Stay Educated About Liability Coverage for Education Beacon Insurance Agency of Pace, Inc., has been providing insurance policies for private Christian schools in the area for nearly ten years, and we know the importance of giving our clients the coverage they need to be fully protected. The many risks faced by educational organizations such as…

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