Cyber Liability Insurance

Unlike many agencies offering more general coverage and broad policies provided by cyber insurance companies, at Beacon Insurance Agency, we have dedicated years of service in meeting the highly specialized insurance needs of churches, non-profits, and private schools to offer them financial protection that will more safely enable them to navigate the risks they face in serving their community and the world. With the advancement of technology, those risks have become significantly increased as the presence of cyber threats heightens the possibility of liability, and so we offer a wide range of options in cyber liability insurance policies tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

Much like the Internet is a very broad platform, a cyber insurance policy must also be very broad to provide insurance coverage for non-electronic or written information as well as electronic information including forms and applications. Cyber insurance coverage addresses the risks associated with the use of computers and the Internet as well as privacy issues that may arise with the transmission or exchange of electronic and non-electronic information.

Cyber Liability Insurance Policies

At Beacon, we offer Cyber Liability Insurance policies designed for the coverage of churches, non-profit organizations, and private schools that use email or other electronic methods of communication; maintains a dedicated website; accepts the transfer of electronic funds; or acquires confidential information including health information, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and bank account information. All such information is put at risk for being mishandled, regardless of whether it is stored electronically or by other means. Due to the nature of its business, there are numerous situations that require a church to collect personal information from employees and members, all of which could potentially put the church at risk in the event that a security breach occurs.

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Cyber Risk Insurance Policies

At Beacon, our cyber risk insurance policies cover expenses including:

Liability to Others (Third Party) Coverage:

  • Network Security Liability provides coverage for errors, omissions, acts, negligence, or breaches of duty that have been allegedly or actually committed by an insured party that results in the transmission of a “computer virus” to a third party by a “computer system.”
  • Privacy Liability covers acts, errors, omissions, negligence, or breaches of duty that have been allegedly or actually committed by the insured party and results in a breach of privacy.
  • Electronic Media Liability provides coverage for the actual or alleged infringement of copyrights, slogans or service marks, trademarks, and trade dresses; plagiarism; libel and slander; and privacy rights violations by the insured party on the Named Insured’s website.
  • Funds Transfer Fraud Liability covers actual or alleged errors, breaches of duty, acts, omissions, and negligence of the insured party that results in deliberate, unauthorized, and falsified instruction electronically transmitted to a financial institution for the withdrawal of funds from an account and to transfer, pay, or deliver money or securities from such account under the false use of the insured party’s identity without the knowledge or consent of the Named Insured.

Losses Incurred by the Named Insured (Privacy Breach Expenses):

  • Associated fees, costs, or expenses to determine the individuals whose “personally identifiable information” was compromised.
  • Costs of notification and other costs, fees, or expenses incurred in order to comply with “breach notification laws.”
  • Expenditures associated with establishing and maintaining a call center dedicated to the use of those parties whose privacy has been breached.
  • Costs arising from the provision of credit monitoring services to individuals whose “personally identifiable information” has been unlawfully accessed or acquired.

Make Sure Your Protected Against Cyber Threats

At Beacon Insurance Agency, we know that churches face many dangers in serving the world around them, but we’re fully committed to providing the clients in our care with the tools they need to navigate the liabilities that may arise as they minister to the worldwide community. We’re highly experienced and dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients so that technology can be a means of ministry, rather than a risk factor.

Give your church the tools it needs to navigate the worldwide mission field! Call the dedicated agents at Beacon Insurance Agency to learn more about the cyber liability insurance policies we offer today!