Cyber Security

Cybersecurity for Nonprofits

cyber security nonprofits

The Importance of Cybersecurity for Nonprofits Unfortunately, nonprofit organizations and small businesses are regularly targeted by cyber criminals because they seem like sitting ducks. Generally speaking, they don’t have the amount of technical savvy or a proper level of cybersecurity measures to guard against criminal activity. That said, the reasons for nonprofits to be proactive…

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Why a Cyber Incidence Response Plan is Important


How Will You Respond to Cyber Hack Threats? In today’s online world, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your sensitive information is safe and secure.  There are things you can do and precautions you can take to guard against hacking. At Beacon Insurance Agency, we have years of experiencing in offering our clients…

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Are you at Risk with Cyber Security?


How to know if you need Cyber Liability Insurance There are multiple circumstances that, even when you’ve taken precautionary measures to ensure safety and security, can put you at risk for breaches that cause damage not only to your organization but to all parties involved. As the exchange of information, both online and in real…

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