Field Trip Preparation Practices

field trip

Field trips are a great tool for ministries – whether those ministries are church youth groups, nonprofit organizations or Christian school classes. Regardless of which type, they offer a unique opportunity for the youth to learn, connect with their peers and have an impact on the world around them. Before these trips can begin, however,…

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Cybersecurity 101 – Safety Tips

cyber security 101

With so much sensitive information stored digitally these days and such a great deal of web-based communication going on all the time, security breaches happen with an increasing frequency that’s alarming. Almost constantly, there are new tools, products, platforms and upgrades put into use that create new challenges for maintaining protective barriers against data breaches…

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Creating a Sexual Assault Investigation Checklist

sexual assault

Unfortunately, sexual assault is something that happens countless times a day, sometimes in the most unexpected of environments. And while churches, non-profit organizations and Christian schools should ideally be a safe haven from the dangers of sexual assault, it does occur and therefore needs serious attention from those in authority. To be prepared in the…

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Prevent Bullying at Church Camp

Set Up Camp with Bullying Prevention Over the past few years, bullying has become more of an issue in environments where children socialize and gather, be it in person or online. Unfortunately, the severity of the problem is often underestimated until it is too late, and many tragedies have resulted from bullying. Bullying prevention is…

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Beating the Heat at Outdoor Events

Safety Tips to Beat the Heat From kid-focused activities to events that welcome the participation of the whole community, summer is the perfect time to take things outdoors. The warmer, sunnier weather makes conditions ideal – but they can also make things more dangerous. Over the past few years, the EPA has reported a marked…

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4 Tips for Vacation Bible School Safety

4 Essentials of Vacation Bible School Safety Summertime means that school is out of session – which means that kids of all ages have days to fill with all kinds of activities and pursuits. For parents in the faith-based community especially, summer is the perfect opportunity to send their kids to church camps or Vacation…

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Summer Camp Safety

camp safety

Sending Your Church’s Youth to Summer Camps As summer approaches, summer camps all over the country are gearing up to open their doors to the campers who will spend the next weeks of their vacation enjoying the experiences they offer. While many churches host summer camps of their own, a great number of them send…

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Insurance for Hurricane Preparedness

wind coverage

Is Your Church’s Policy Hurricane-Ready? Hurricane season can be a highly stressful time for Floridians as they wait and watch the unpredictable swirls of pressure systems that seem to appear every week during the thick of the season. Ours are highly active waters, giving rise to storms whose paths of destruction are merciless and leave…

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Cybersecurity for Nonprofits

cyber security nonprofits

The Importance of Cybersecurity for Nonprofits Unfortunately, nonprofit organizations and small businesses are regularly targeted by cyber criminals because they seem like sitting ducks. Generally speaking, they don’t have the amount of technical savvy or a proper level of cybersecurity measures to guard against criminal activity. That said, the reasons for nonprofits to be proactive…

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